Friday, November 6, 2009

I'll try

Okay, Robin and Shannon...I've updated the blog! I was going to give up on it, but I've decided to give it another try. Because I haven't updated in 6 months, this is a mixed bag of pictures. Here is Harper on Halloween... Harper LOVES to cook and she likes to look the part. I very rarely get to cook on my own unless it's during naptime.

Harper, and her best friends, Eve and Mae are taking ballet together. They're really cute in their leotards, or as Eve calls them, littletards.
Harper's also taking gymnastics at a real gym this year. In the past, we've gone to a little gym with little equipment, but we're trying something new. The new place is the real deal with big equipment and the wonderful smell of feet. I'm not sure how good she is going to be, but who cares. She's having fun.

She wore the same dress for the first day of school as she did last year, which made it fun to compare the pictures.
Okay, we'll that's the last couple of months in a nutshell. Maybe I'll be able to say on top of things this time.


Robin said...

Yeah Daley! Harper is way too cute to not be blogged about :)

Julie Shaw said...

FINALLY!!! I have been waiting for like ummm oh yeah 6 MONTHS!! Harper is so cute!We have to come up with a meeting plan! I think Harper and Campbell would be hilarious together!

Tegan said...

She is precious!!! Wish we could get together. Baby boy, Cullen is due in three SHORT months!!! Hope all is well. I recently started blogging again too, we'll see how long it lasts! Take care girl!

the reppard crew said...

HOORAH!! WAY TO GO, DALEY! I LOVE IT! She is adorable. SO, so cute!

Ann Long said...

Yea!!! I've been checking back for a post from you - so glad to see all of Harper's fun photos!!!

the reppard crew said...

if at first you don't succeed, try, try again! :)